Training and Development

I am passionate about sharing what I've learned and helping people grow

I deliver workshops and facilitate a variety of group sessions to help develop your team’s skills and improve their productivity. All of the following workshops, courses and programs can be customized to better serve your training and development goals. Please contact me to discuss how I can help boost your team’s performance and increase their motivation through one of my highly energetic and interactive workshop or facilitated team meeting.

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Leadership, Sales and Marketing Workshops

How to Coach Employees – Designed to provide team leaders and managers with the skill set to coach employees for greater effectiveness and for longer-term career success.

DISC Personality Assessment and Effective Communications – People are different but they are different in predictable ways. The DISC personality assessment measures communication and behavioral styles. Understanding these styles can help improve selling effectiveness, team cohesiveness, leadership skills, and much more. This program includes an online DISC assessment and a complete workshop to teach participants how to understand their style, the styles of others and how to leverage that knowledge for improved performance.

Sales Training – This program will boost your sellers ability to connect with prospects and generate revenue. The sales training course is composed of nine modules. Each module is approximately one hour in length of delivery time but  role-play and interactive activities can be added to create a customized training experience. Module include:

  1. Characteristics of Effective Sales Professionals
  2. Buyer Personas and Purchase Decision Making Processes
  3. Effective Introductions/First Contact with Prospects
  4. Discovery Process
  5. Powerful Questions
  6. Networking and Personal Brand
  7. Working with Gatekeepers
  8. Handling Objections
  9. Effective Communication Skills

Managing Teams – A workshop designed to help new managers transition from individual contributors to team leaders.

Teamwork and Leadership (The Everest Simulation) – Facilitate a team-based simulation of an expedition to climb Mount Everest.

Time Management Skills – Clear the clutter and chaos from your day-to-day activity. Find ways to focus on the most important tasks which drive your effectiveness while discarding the time wasters and energy drainers. 

Creativity and Innovation in BusinessBoost your team’s ability to generate creative ideas for new products, services and programs. Creativity can be learned and this workshop will arm you with a tool box of creativity enhancing activities and behaviors.

Strategic Marketing – Organizations can increase the success rate of their ventures by developing an understanding of the strategic role of marketing. Marketing is often erroneously viewed as simply advertising but the core roles of marketing encompass a wide variety of critical tasks inside an organization including the discovery of market opportunities, development of new product concepts, creation pricing strategies and creation of sales teams and distribution channels. This workshop will provide participants a fundamental understanding of the topics listed below.

  •  Market opportunity analysis
  •  Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  •  Product and service strategies
  •  Technical product life cycle
  •  Branding strategies
  •  Sales channel design
  •  Strategic pricing
  •  Promotional planning and execution
  •  Sales forecasting
  •  Marketing analytics
  •  Social media
  •  Networking and relationship management
  •  Unique selling propositions
  •  Professional selling skills
  •  Sales technology

University Courses

I’ve developed the following courses at Bentley University. Each of these can be customized and delivered as a multi-day workshop or training program.

(PRS373) Sales Strategy & Technology: Focused on the role and execution of inbound and outbound selling. This course begins with a study of the environmental factors that have changed the nature of selling with the rise of information technology. The course includes a simulated environment where students use CRM ( along with a variety of online tools to experience lead generation, inbound and outbound selling activity, and effective sales communication skills for email, voice mail and direct dialing.

(PRS343) Sales Management: This course focuses on the definition of a sales process for a variety of business models and the creation of sales teams to execute the strategy. Topics covered include: linking strategy to sales roles, organizing the sales effort, salesperson performance and behavior, motivating sales forces, recruitment, sales training, and compensation planning.

(MK330) New Product Development: Considers the role of new products in the survival and growth strategies of organizations. Focuses on the major problems firms encounter in directing and managing their product development and marketing activities. Examines the development process from conception of ideas to commercial introduction using best practices information technology. Also considers the shorter marketing life cycle from introduction to deletion of products in the information age.

(MK399) High Tech Product Marketing: This course focuses on the unique challenges in marketing high technology products. Students will learn how new technology products are brought to market and how the high tech product portfolio is managed. This course will focus on high tech marketing B2B and B2C environments. The high degree of market and technological uncertainty demands that high tech marketing professionals develop new marketing tools to successfully present their products in the market.

I’ve taught the following courses which can also be developed into custom workshops for you:

  • Marketing Management (Senior capstone course for Marketing Majors)
  • New Product Development
  • Marketing Research
  • Sales Strategy & Technology
  • Sales Management
  • Fundamentals of Marketing

Can I help you improve the performance of you and your team? Please contact me to set up a time to discuss your challenges and goals.